Drive-In Banner

Meet the people that will be serving you as you spend your evening with us!

Tim Speedy

The big BOSS MAN on the left is Tim Robertson, not Dumbles the Basset Hound!
Although, when you come through the line to get your ticket to get in, Speedy (on the right) might tell you that Dumbles is the boss for sure!
Mr. Sid (below) will take Dumbles for his walks and of course will be around for any help you may need through out the night.


Savannah Cecil

Never mind that apple! Ms. Savannah will put it down long enough to take your order for a delicious cheeseburger and french fries.
And Cecil, on the right here, will happily mix you up a hand dipped milk shake from any of our flavors of ice cream you would like!

Kristi Hailey

Kristi (in the black on left) will gladly cook up your wings, tenders, burgers and fries,
while our little Hailey (on the right) puts on all your favorite fixings!
And to complete your visit with us, our lovely Julia below will ring your purchase up with a smile, as she also asks if you would like any candy or drinks with that!